Eco Anxiety​; The Earth Is Dying

The Earth has been around for thousands and thousands of years, and it is today’s climate that is slowly killing it. This is to do with global warming which is rises in temperature and sea levels, and humans are at fault for this. With excessive deforestation, animal farming, increases of […]

Halloween costumes that bite! (even on a budget)

Eleanor Hall

If your like me, you’ll have been planning your Halloween outfit for 2019 since August! I’m OBSESSED with this holiday. If the thought of the nights drawing in, cosy jumpers and sipping hot chocolate with cream and mini marshmallows doesn’t give make you the slightest bit comforted, I’m not sure […]

Facing My Fears

Amy Jackson

As it’s Halloween, I thought today I’d share with you a few experiences of where I faced up to some of my fears. Both of my fears I’m going to talk about today are related to my vomit phobia, but through persuasion and if we’re honest, a bit of FOMO, […]

deal or no deal: colour changing foundation

Alice Maher

Instagram is notorious for it’s many advertisements trying to flog you an evolutionary makeup product or the most expensive leggings that will ensure you a Kim K bum. The question is: how do you distinguish the scams from the real deals? I regret to say that on many occasions I […]

your ultimate autumn watch list

Alice Maher

Bit of a chunky blog post this one, I’ve crafted for you my ultimate autumnal watch list. From cinema trips, to old film classics, to TV shows or the ultimate Netflix binge- it’s all below. CINEMA | currently seen IT Chapter Two | 6/10 The Autumn season calls for a […]

my current playlists

I’ve never not got music playing. It’s normally on, far too loud, 24 hours of the day. With that, I have thousands of playlists to suit all genres and moods so, have a scroll through and hopefully find some new artists you like!! MELLOW: chilled vibes good for the bath […]

To The Friend That Ghosted Me.

It’s been 6 months since I last saw you. To begin with life was hard, I would often think of you, wanting so much to try and reach out. As time went on, it got easier. But I still never understood why you did what you did.  I was too open […]

Budget Entertainment Ideas

Since moving to London I realised that entertainment can be really expensive. These expensive can really add up and leave you with a bad surprise when you check your Online Banking the next day… I came up with a few budget entertainment ideas that will not break the bank and […]

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