Home Alone – The Realisation


Unfortunately being home alone isn’t as exciting as it was for Kevin McCallister. Apparently movies don’t accurately represent real life? Strange. Home alone is in-fact my life right now. I also imagine it’s the life of a few post-graduates around the world now too. It can be lonely. I mentioned […]

Newcastle’s Two Best Cafés

Georgia Dalton

If you live in or around Newcastle or are thinking of visiting there and you have a sweet tooth, here are two amazing cafés that you need to go and try. Cake Stories Address: 12 Brentwood Avenue Jesmond Newcastle NE2 3DH Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 9.30pm […]

The Impact of Diet Culture.

What is the impact of diet culture on modern society and our ability to enjoy food? In light of Weight Watcher’s latest attempt to induct our children into weight-loss culture, I figured there was no time like the present to discuss the impact of toxic diet culture. As a society, […]

What Is Happiness?

“Happiness is a choice, and a very difficult one,” a phrase that I repeat every day. For a very long time, I didn’t understand how to maintain the feeling of happiness, and that would, in turn, worsen my mood. This continued for a long stretch of time, until I took […]

My story isn’t over yet.

Cheryl Gomery

Sometimes life doesn’t treat as you hoped it would and it can be overwhelming. Waiting for exam results, having to decide what’s next, big changes such as moving, starting or losing a job, or even just that feeling that you are not good enough as you haven’t managed to achieve […]

Let’s Get Physical!

Yasmine Shaban

“Get your workout done and you’ll feel so much better afterwards!” We’ve all heard this phrase before, haven’t we? International studies and research has shown that this phrase is actually VERY accurate. However, more often than not, we associate physical activity and exercise with how we look. As a result, we make […]

The Keeping Up with the Jones’s Effect


Do you often find yourself scrolling through the many gorgeous images on Pinterest or Instagram and, perhaps subconsciously, promptly begin fantasizing about winning the lottery? Do you allow yourself to imagine all of the many ways your life would be infinitely better if only you could trade lives with that […]

How to Survive Wedding Season on a Budget


It’s officially June and wedding season is without a doubt upon us. While we’re all for lots of love, beautiful bouquets, tearful toasts, and a good old fashioned late-night rendition of Sweet Caroline (…“so good, so good, SO GOOD!”), we’re also the first to admit that these cheerful occasions can […]

Fancy a Coffee?

Yasmine Shaban

Coffee is everywhere! Every corner you turn there’s a new pretty coffee shop, a Starbucks, a Costa, or a Pret. Not to mention the choice of actual coffees we have now, different styles, different milks, different flavour syrups to add! I mean, how do you even decide?! A year ago […]

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