Summer Body Blues

Alice Maher

When my boyfriend and I booked our holiday to Greece back in March I’ve spent most hours of the daydreaming about the amazing time we were going to have. In each daydream, whether on the beach or by the pool or swimming in the sea or in a bar, I […]

5 Tips To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Here you are again. Tossing and turning, another sleepless night! You begin to scroll on social media, then turn on the television, and mind-numbingly watch Netflix. Suddenly, your alarm goes off and you realize that you have-once again- had a sleepless night.  You show the next day to class or […]

Dealing With Adversity

Over this last summer, I have made it my top priority to go out and take on as many new opportunities as I can. Of course, with every new opportunity comes a new set of possible disappointments. This can feel extremely daunting in the beginning and may even stop you […]

What Excites Me Most About Autumn

The Great British Summer is officially over now. In the grand scheme of things, we had a fairly successful one in terms of weather. I hope you all managed to have a BBQ, get to the beach or attend a festival of some kind. I’m quite a fan of the […]

Learning to cook

Food is essential to life; without it, we wouldn’t survive. However, in the modern age of fast food and with the plethora of easily accessible online food outlets, many would argue that cooking is becoming a less essential skill. I would argue otherwise. Despite the convenience of Deliveroo, Uber Eats […]

14 Ideas on Becoming More Eco-Friendly

As we are all well aware, the environment is suffering. The Amazon fires are just heartbreaking, climate change is happening and the amount of plastic that is littered over our planets is just horrific.  It might seem overwhelming to think that you can help to change any of these things. […]

The 5 Shows I’m Loving Right Now

There’s a whole range of different programmes on TV at the moment- it’s no surprise that it can often feel difficult choosing what to watch. I sometimes find that recommendations from other people help me to decide what I want to watch. With that in mind, here’s the 5 shows […]

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