My Autumn Fashion Must Haves

Emily Carter

There’s a number of things I love about autumn. The slightly chillier weather providing a reason to snuggle under a blankie on the sofa, the crisp leaves, the impending sense that Christmas is almost here. But perhaps, above all else, what I love most about autumn is the fashion. Here’s […]

here’s the tea- long distance relationships

‘Dear God you’re starting university NOT single?!– How can you possibly enjoy yourself if you have someone at home? You need to be finding yourself- not stuck on the phone to someone miles away. It’ll never last…’ WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for […]

Stress; The Silent Killer #ThatsMyOpinion

Stress is everywhere. It can be found in many different forms, shapes, and sizes, and impacts people in varying ways. Some are fully capable and even experts in dealing with the effects of stress. Others aren’t. However, it’s not for a lack of resilience. Rather, it’s the scale of the physical and mental strain placed on us by chronic stress that alters our ability to ride through it seamlessly.

5 Ways to enjoy Hygge this Autumn

What is Hygge? Hygge (pronounced Hoo-gah) is a Danish word, and, is described by Collins Dictionaries as the practice of creating ‘cosy and congenial environments that promote emotional well being’. For many of us our lives are so fast pace that we often forget to stop for a while, slow […]

Like a Snowflake…

Just like a snowflake there are no two people alike.  There’s a unique beauty in that and knowing that no matter what, there is no one that can contribute, influence, or live their life quite like we each can. Life is full of various types of stress and that stress […]

To My Beautiful Daughter- Uni Moving Day

So when we wake up it will be time… this is what we as parents; work towards, these are one of the defining moments of us and our babies working towards that day where our offspring have achieved enough to actually go to university.  It should be something to celebrate, […]

Caring for Family While in Uni

Joseph Meyer

Maintaining relationships can be tough, especially when you’re going to college, whether you are just out of secondary school or going later in Life. I personally had the privilege of living at home while at college, but it was incredibly difficult maintaining relationships not only because I always had a […]

Dumbledore’s 6 Greatest Lessons

Emily Carter

Perhaps best of all, there’s a whole range of lessons that can be learnt from one character in particular; Albus Dumbledore. Every now and again, Dumbledore comes out with a saying that’s almost like a proverb; so much wisdom can be gained from them.

Five Life Lessons that I’ve Learnt

Georgia Dalton

Over my nineteen years on this planet, I had gained some invaluable life advice through my own experiences. Hopefully, I gather even more in years to come. Prioritise yourself and those who love you! The main person that matters in your life is you. Prioritise yourself and your wellbeing above […]

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