20 student kitchen cupboard essentials

Paul Good

Once you’ve got these essentials in the cupboard, your meals will pretty much cook themselves (well, almost)! Nearly everything listed will keep for years, too. When you first arrive at uni, it can be really easy to get into the habit of continually reaching for the takeaway menu – especially if you’ve never really […]

A Vegetarian Student Guide

Lorna Davey

Rule number one: Ignore anyone who says being a vegetarian is more expensive than eating meat. As a former student, I know that being vegetarian was one of my financial concerns upon moving out by myself. I soon learnt that it wasn’t the vegetarian substitutes that were racking up my […]

Among Us

Paul Good

I have never been much of a mobile gamer, I have played Angry Birds, Candy Crush and games like that to kill some time when on a bus or a lunch break, but never choose my phone as a real gaming device. Maybe its all the micropayments and adverts I […]

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