Your Resume: Your Sell Sheet

Your career goals may be far from being a salesperson but when it comes to your resume, you do need to know how to sell yourself.  And that’s how you should think of your resume – as your professional sell sheet. Your resume should highlight your professional success stories in […]

First Steps

In my previous post, I talked a bit about how important it is for you to keep developing yourself (i.e. moving forward) even if you’re feeling like everything you do is useless. Last time I left off, I was just about to take my first steps into the world of […]

The Value in Asking for Help

Let’s face it, asking for help sometimes can be tough.  It may feel like we are admitting that we don’t know something that we feel we should.  Or perhaps we are nervous that someone will laugh at our question.  Or be bothered by it. The reality is actually quite different.  […]

How Am I EVER Going to Get All This Done??

Ever feel like a blanket of tasks and responsibilities has wrapped itself tight around you?  That there’s just so much to do that you don’t know where to start so you just freeze? Let me share some strategies and together we can get through this! First, I do exactly that.  […]

3 Tips To Help Calm Your Worries

If you suffer with anxiety, it can be difficult to squash those worries and be positive. They can become overwhelming, and at times heavy. Here are 3 tips that can help you calm your worries. What is Worry Time? One of the best tools and coping mechanisms I ever learnt […]

Where is all the Good News??

myntladmin 2

The news sucks. We all know this. Terrible things seem to be happening all the time and even though we know good things happen every day, they don’t get reported as often. So how do we keep up while keeping sane? A couple years ago, I was done with the […]

4 Ways to Destress and Unwind

Many young people lead busy lives and often forget to take time out of their daily routine to relax. Below are four simple ways to destress.  Reading  Reading can be an excellent way to destress and unwind. Becoming immersed into a fictional world means you can leave the stresses in […]

Is University a Waste of Time?

We often hear about billionaire drop-outs and self-made business magnates and how they were able to create empires without the need for formal education and University degrees. Is this true? And why does University get such a bad reputation? In this article I will go over some of my thoughts […]

Moving Forward

I’m sure that you’ve experienced moments in your life when you’ve felt that you were doing nothing but coasting. You live in your parent’s house; you go to school; maybe hang out with a few friends once in a while; and the rest of your free time is spent on […]

Why you NEED to get LinkedIn


Before I started university, I though LinkedIN was the social network for old people. Now I know how wrong I was. LinkedIn is actually an ESSENTIAL tool for anyone who wants to aim high and be successful. So what is LinkedIn? You’d be forgiven for not knowing. It is essentially […]

What is VPN and Why You Need It When Travelling

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Plenty of things make you feel safer when travelling. You may research the safety of your destinations, memorise the emergency phone numbers, and equip yourself with anti-theft backpacks or money belts. But few travellers consider the safety of their online presence when travelling abroad.  A free public WiFi connection can […]

Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Social media is a great resource – it’s a way to connect with friends, learn the latest updates on topics, and find out what’s trending across the globe.  There’s almost an endless amount of opportunities that the various social media outlets provide.   Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or […]

The Power of a Strong Network

Career networking has become a key tool in finding and advancing in one’s career.   So, what is a career network and how to do you create one?  A career, or professional” network involves using personal, professional, academic or familial contacts to assist with a job search, achieve career goals, learn […]

Your Job Application Was Just Rejected, Now What?

Joseph Meyer

Applying for Job can be one the most stressful situations one will face in their lifetimes, the interviewing, the waiting, sometimes the testing to land that perfect role and then you get it, the dreaded e-mail. That dreaded e-mail that states so plainly very similar to this one: Everyone’s organization […]

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