Understanding Generation Z

By Fahren Khalid from Big Youth Group Anyone born from 1997 onwards can be considered to be part of Generation Z, in other words, this is the generation which grew up with the internet. Commonly seen as social hippies and smartphone addicts, there is more to the eye than you […]

Learn To Operate Outside Of Your Comfort Zone


The college years give students opportunities to learn and grow while becoming more independent and self-sufficient. It is also a time when young adults find that they will be held accountable for their behavior, performance and results. For many students, being expected to accept responsibility, make their own decisions and […]

Career growth for young people.

By Fahren Khalid -Verified by Big Youth Group. As head of Creative at the Big Youth Group, my job is to oversee the creative direction of the company and to be an advisor on anything related to strategy, special projects, advertising and marketing functions within the company. Growing in your […]

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