My Second Year Resolve

Emily Carter

I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions but I do like to set myself a resolve for the beginning of each new chapter of my life. As I head back to uni to start my second year, there a few things I resolve to do. This will be my […]

My Uni Reality

This is a post I wrote back in February when I was overcoming a horrid spell of feeling very low. I wanted to share this intimate post on here because, it’s the reality of a university experience for some. It was my reality and it may be yours. Having made […]

5 Realistic University Expectations

You’ve seen it in movies, you’ve read about it in books and you’ve heard tales from your friends. You’re probably buzzing about going to University – and you should be, it’s a fantastic experience. However, it’s by far an easy journey, and it’s by far the cliché it’s made out […]

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