Bottoms Up!

If you are like me, countless doctors and people that have told you this year and years past that you need to drink more water.  And sometimes it’s easy to get on a great streak of drinking it. It’s then that I see what all the talk is about…

What is that talk? What is the scoop on water? First, our body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions. It helps maintain blood volume which aids in oxygen transport and electrolyte balance. Staying hydrated is also great for weight loss. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg, so to speak, on water. That all sounds pretty essential to better health.

So, why don’t we get in our daily dose?  Personally, I often just don’t.  I forget, I get busy, I don’t prioritize it, and the list goes on. And then, you know it… the dreaded state of dehydration comes knocking. And with that comes fatigue and mood changes. Did you now that even mild hydration, as low as 1%, can impact a person? That was an eye opener to me – and an added incentive!

Perhaps like you, I vowed that water will become my new best friend. The upsides of staying hydrated are just too amazing, and come on, water is free Lisa!!

And yet a few weeks later I find myself constantly dehydrated again.  So, I turned to technology for help this time.  There are some great apps, like Drink Water Reminder, that you can set up on your phone to remind you at certain intervals to drink water. For me, every 15 minutes of my day my phone now makes a little drip sound that reminds me it’s time for another sip. To be honest, it doesn’t always work, but it works better than not having the app.

If I’m doing really good with my water intake, I try to “double-sip” each time to make sure I at least get in my daily dose or more.  And on these days, I feel more awake, alert, and ready for the day.  I think quicker on my feet and I feel fantastic.  These are the feelings I need to remember when I am feeling too lazy to get that refill for my water bottle.

A final tip that’s really helped me – remembering that staying hydrated isn’t just about drinking water.  Sure, it can mean water on the rocks, water with sugar-free Kool-Aid, etc.… but it can also mean watermelon, strawberries, peaches, oranges, skim milk, lettuce, and so much more.  So, if you find you are getting bored with straight water, experiment getting some of your daily dosage through alternate methods. 

With all these options – straight water, technology and water alternatives, let’s vow together that dehydration will not be part of our life again.  Let’s use water to our advantage – and oh what an advantage it is!  

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24 thoughts on “Bottoms Up!

  1. I am SO BAD at remembering to drink water. I just forget. I watch my kids go through bottles of it and O keep reminding myself I need to learn from them. When I do use an app and I drink as much as I should I feel so much better, my skin looks better, my body feels better. Thank you for this important reminder.

    1. You are very welcome – water is so important yet for some reason it’s easy to forget to drink despite how abundant and accessible it is.

  2. Drinking water is something that I’m usually really good at but have phases when I’m not so great. They’re usually in the cooler months when I’m gravitating more towards hot drinks. An app to remind you is great if it’s something you struggle with though x


  3. I’m actually pretty good at drinking my 8 pints of water a day – 4 plain water, the rest in teas. I definitely notice the difference in my skin and energy levels when I don’t, plus an increase in dehydration headaches. Thank you for the reminders! 🙂 Lisa

  4. Good reminder. I know water is important but I don’t drink enough of it. I need to do better. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I drink, effortlessly about 3L of water a day… so I have never had any problems in this topic. But I am quite curious and I read once an article about this device you put on your water bottle. If you do not move it for let’s say one hour, then it lightens up with colors to remind you to drink more. I thought it was a quite interesting idea! Good luck in your drinker-journey :p

  6. I am terrible at drinking water. I have a 7 month old, and I’m always so focused on him that I easily forget about myself. I want to find a balance though!

  7. I have been trying to drink more water lately. Thank you for the reminder of all the benefits and alternative ways to drink more water.

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