Book Reviewing

tianna Twyman

I loved reading books since I was very young and only found out a few months ago how fun book blogging can.

I decided to start a book review blog to summarise and review my favourite books.

Its nice knowing that someone may stumble across my blog and may enjoy the books that I am also reading.

Being able to share my joy in books even with a small amount of people is a lot of fun.

I started with writing pages about my favourite books and then writing a summary on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which I’m currently reading.

Writing about books can be a lot of fun. You get to choose the books your read and write about, you can customise your blog with pictures and other information. But most importantly you get to make it your own.

Instagram is great for sharing pictures of books and tumblr is great for pictures and short snippets of information.

I enjoy writing on my blog, Confessions of a Book Lover even if at the moment it doesn’t have that much on there, it’s fun and a great place to share my love of reading to others.

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