Baking with Mom

As a child there was nothing more I enjoyed than spending quality time with my mom. And… Baking with mom was one of those very special times.

As a small child I used to love to bake with Mom.  Mom was such fun (and still is) and it was a great time to mix up a surprise for dad for dinner or a treat for us later.   The memories that we shared, the memories that my Mom made happen.  Priceless!

I Scribbled in the Betty Crocker Cookbook

As much as Mom cherished that Betty Crocker cookbook, she would see me scribble over recipes and she would let me do it.  In hindsight I know I was ruining her nice cookbook and making a mess of the pages.

But now, we look back over that same cookbook and see my scribbles and share a smile.  For that was little Lisa up to some mischief again.  And again, it was Mom being a fun Mom and letting me do so.  Knowing that the memories it would bring would be much more valuable than a “clean” recipe page.

She Let Me Lick the Beaters

I know you aren’t supposed to eat raw batter but never once have I gotten sick from it.  And as a child my sweet Mom would not only let me lick the beater but I swear she always left some extra batter on those beaters for me to have a bit more to lick.

In reality, not a big deal.  But it tells you about the kind of Mom I had.  She always wanted to make me happy in every way she could, right down to leaving me extra batter on the beaters to lick.  She’s never failed me!

I Ate A LOT of the Treats

As a kid, I was definitely a gobbler of all that was sweet and yummy.  Always by the time we were done baking my little tummy was usually full with all the licks that she let me sneak in.  But then there was the tasty treats right out of the oven.  Mom was just as generous.  Oh…. Those treats were glorious.  As glorious as my Mother was then and is now!

What are your childhood memories with Mom?

Did you bake with your Mom or Grandmother?  Was some other task your “together” task?   What did you love to do with you Mom as a child that sticks with you today?  That you do with your own daughter now perhaps?

28 thoughts on “Baking with Mom

  1. My favourite memories from my childhood are with my nana. My entire family was white besides me when I was growing up, so when we’d go to the seaside they’d all want to sunbathe, which was boring and pointless for me. So I’d go to the arcades with my nana as she loved playing the money drop machines, and I’d play them with her or play on one of the video arcade games

  2. My favorite memories of cooking together were actually with my dad as a kid! He taught me how to make an omelette and French toast. My mom taught me how to make a melted cheese sandwich! I think my mom was just scared I’d hurt myself in the kitchen (or burn the house down). My dad was the rebel who let me try as a child 😂

  3. My mother wasn’t one for baking, sadly, so I don’t have any baking memories with her. But Flora and I bake together sometimes and we share the licking of the beaters 🙂

  4. Well, Lisa, thanks for sharing your sweet memories of baking with your mum. My mum wasn’t a baker, but she was a great cook. She used to make rice pudding( Kheer), and she always let us lick the pan, and we used to do with fingers, and what not!

  5. This really brought a smile to my face reading. I now really don’t like baking but do have some fond memories of doing it with my mum when I was a child. And who doesn’t love to lick the beaters?? Lovely post.

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