JoyBinge Season 2 Episode 1: Ok Boomer


Hi and welcome to JoyBinge! I am Kimmy and I am Sinow, and we share good stories about good people doing good things! Get ready to binge on some joy! News The cities designing playgrounds for the elderly Written by Vittoria Traverso for the BBC Staying healthy is difficult but […]

Continental Scrabble Championship


Above video is a vlog that walks you through the Continental Scrabble Championship Continental Scrabble Championship Information This was the the 9th Continental Scrabble Championship, and was held in the beautiful and vibrant city of Amsterdam! More entertainment content can be found here

Where is all the Good News??

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The news sucks. We all know this. Terrible things seem to be happening all the time and even though we know good things happen every day, they don’t get reported as often. So how do we keep up while keeping sane? A couple years ago, I was done with the […]

JoyBinge Ep 30 – Friday Filosophies


About JoyBinge JoyBinge is a place to hear news stories of joy, good deeds, and hope when the news gets too overwhelming. Join Kimmy and Sinow as they find reasons to celebrate, laugh and smile! This week, Sinow and Kimmy talk about the great JoyBinge break they have embarked on, […]

Top Natural Spots in Plymouth


Living in a city centre certainly has its benefits; the proximity to shopping, restaurants and a plethora of indoor activities. However, as a student, moving into the city was a major change for me. I found myself feeling somewhat cramped, claustrophobic and suffocated due to the constant noise, people, and […]

Top tips for good grades at University


Anonymous blogger who would still like to share their experiences. I undertook a science-related degree, so not all my tips may not be transferable to all course types, however I believe at least one of these may be useful to different student’s studies. 1. Read This may be the most […]

How Gaming has Impacted my life


Anonymous blogger who would still like to share their experiences. You don’t know how much something has impacted your life until it is too late, sadly the story I’m about to tell is exactly that.  Growing up I’ve always been a hardcore gamer, I never enjoyed going out with friends, […]

Why you NEED to get LinkedIn


Before I started university, I though LinkedIN was the social network for old people. Now I know how wrong I was. LinkedIn is actually an ESSENTIAL tool for anyone who wants to aim high and be successful. So what is LinkedIn? You’d be forgiven for not knowing. It is essentially […]

How to deal with negative thoughts

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One of the most helpful things I think we can do for our wellbeing is knowing how to deal with negative thoughts because these are the thoughts that are associated with difficult emotions, in particular feeling down and anxious. It’s okay to feel down and anxious, these are, of course, […]

What is VPN and Why You Need It When Travelling

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Plenty of things make you feel safer when travelling. You may research the safety of your destinations, memorise the emergency phone numbers, and equip yourself with anti-theft backpacks or money belts. But few travellers consider the safety of their online presence when travelling abroad.  A free public WiFi connection can […]

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