Getting An Emotional Support Animal?

Jessica Lyles

Emotional support animals or (ESA) are animals, such as dogs and cats, that provide emotional support to the owner on a daily basis. These have become very popular among Americans and are often prescribed by licensed professionals for mental stability. Essentially emotional support animals have been around for a while […]

5 Tips To Reduce Test Anxiety

I have developed 5 tips to reduce test anxiety, so that you can be as effective as possible on test day! It is not abnormal to have testing anxiety, no matter the subject,  What is anxiety  Anxiety is an intense feeling of worry, fear and stress from dealing with everyday […]

5 Tips To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Here you are again. Tossing and turning, another sleepless night! You begin to scroll on social media, then turn on the television, and mind-numbingly watch Netflix. Suddenly, your alarm goes off and you realize that you have-once again- had a sleepless night.  You show the next day to class or […]

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