Fun Things To Do At Uni WITHOUT Drinking

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a night out on the town… but it comes to a point when you’d rather do something that doesn’t involve alcohol. There’s no harm in drinking every now and again, but it really isn’t the be all and end all of student life. […]

What Is Self Care Anyway?

Emily Carter

Self care looks different for everyone and so it’s important to find what works for you. Whether that’s taking a bubble bath, reading a book or playing video games. There’s no correct way to practice self care

My Autumn Fashion Must Haves

Emily Carter

There’s a number of things I love about autumn. The slightly chillier weather providing a reason to snuggle under a blankie on the sofa, the crisp leaves, the impending sense that Christmas is almost here. But perhaps, above all else, what I love most about autumn is the fashion. Here’s […]

My Second Year Resolve

Emily Carter

I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions but I do like to set myself a resolve for the beginning of each new chapter of my life. As I head back to uni to start my second year, there a few things I resolve to do. This will be my […]

Dumbledore’s 6 Greatest Lessons

Emily Carter

Perhaps best of all, there’s a whole range of lessons that can be learnt from one character in particular; Albus Dumbledore. Every now and again, Dumbledore comes out with a saying that’s almost like a proverb; so much wisdom can be gained from them.

The 5 Shows I’m Loving Right Now

There’s a whole range of different programmes on TV at the moment- it’s no surprise that it can often feel difficult choosing what to watch. I sometimes find that recommendations from other people help me to decide what I want to watch. With that in mind, here’s the 5 shows […]

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