My Paris Bucket List

Alice Maher

I’ve got countless notebooks where i’ve written down here and there things for my ‘bucket list’ but, most of my list is kept mentally in my head. I’ve been lucky enough to already have ticked off parts of my list and, on my trip to Paris I got to tick […]

In a New Relationship: With GYM

Alice Maher

Hey guys, December is upon us and soon we’ll all be writing our New Years Resolutions! I thought i’d share with you an old post from back in February 2019 documenting my attempt to stick to a new years resolution. Spoiler alert: i didn’t stick to it but, in the […]

Uni Chats, End Of Term Slump

Guys. December is almost here. It’s so close I can almost touch it!!! Yet, I’ve still got 4 essay deadlines, presentations, lecture notes, blog deadlines, applications to send, housing contract to sign, seminar prep all left to do! I’ve got 14 days left of this term, 2 weeks today I’ll […]

let’s talk, periods

Period, a word that makes both men and women shudder. For YEARS I have been completely bewildered by the taboo subjects of periods. Women bleed every single month for roughly around 40 years. That’s a big old chunk of time, so why are we struggling to speak openly about periods? […]

Who You Should Be Following On Instagram

In a world of false expectations and unhealthy competition on social media outlets, it’s so ridiculously important to be following people who will inspire, motivate and enlighten you. Find below my top Instagram accounts who have done absolute wonders to my feed! @rosemarinoramsey Rosie’s content focuses on her day to […]

deal or no deal: colour changing foundation

Alice Maher

Instagram is notorious for it’s many advertisements trying to flog you an evolutionary makeup product or the most expensive leggings that will ensure you a Kim K bum. The question is: how do you distinguish the scams from the real deals? I regret to say that on many occasions I […]

your ultimate autumn watch list

Alice Maher

Bit of a chunky blog post this one, I’ve crafted for you my ultimate autumnal watch list. From cinema trips, to old film classics, to TV shows or the ultimate Netflix binge- it’s all below. CINEMA | currently seen IT Chapter Two | 6/10 The Autumn season calls for a […]

my current playlists

I’ve never not got music playing. It’s normally on, far too loud, 24 hours of the day. With that, I have thousands of playlists to suit all genres and moods so, have a scroll through and hopefully find some new artists you like!! MELLOW: chilled vibes good for the bath […]

here’s the tea- long distance relationships

‘Dear God you’re starting university NOT single?!– How can you possibly enjoy yourself if you have someone at home? You need to be finding yourself- not stuck on the phone to someone miles away. It’ll never last…’ WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH. I’ve been in a long distance relationship for […]

Summer Body Blues

Alice Maher

When my boyfriend and I booked our holiday to Greece back in March I’ve spent most hours of the daydreaming about the amazing time we were going to have. In each daydream, whether on the beach or by the pool or swimming in the sea or in a bar, I […]

My Uni Reality

This is a post I wrote back in February when I was overcoming a horrid spell of feeling very low. I wanted to share this intimate post on here because, it’s the reality of a university experience for some. It was my reality and it may be yours. Having made […]

University Is Hard Work

Alice Maher

My first year at university, to be brutally honest, was an utter shambles. It took me the whole year to find my feet and, for a while I felt so pathetic for feeling like that. I’d look onto my social media and see old school friends having the best time […]

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