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If you are currently looking for work, filling in endless applications, make sure to check out these application form tips to get you to the interview stage.

When it comes to applying for jobs, many people prefer doing an application form than writing out a resume, however, most people put less research into the application, do not attach supporting documents and rush it to get it done.

Stop! Follow these application form tips.

Application forms are resumes, they follow the same process with recruiters and employers when picking candidates. The application will go through a digital filtering process, identifying keywords in the application.

Remember, hundreds of people are applying for the same position, unlike a resume where you can visual standout, an application form is all about your writing.Ā 


Similar to creating a resume, you need to show you know the company, why you are applying and why you are the best candidate. If there are fixed options on an application form, you need to answer the questions and your job history to tailor it for the needs of the company you are applying for.


If you previously worked in a bar and now applying an admin role, you need to tailor your work experience for the role you are applying for.


Previous Job History



Cashing up.Ā 

Pouring drinks.

Money handling.

Customer Service.


Previous Job History



Customer service focused role which has developed transferable skills in communication, presentation and money handling.Ā 

You would include more details on how you developed these skills with examples and how they can transfer to your new role. Remember your past experience should demonstrate why you are the right candidate for the role you are applying for.

What is the question?

Application forms are always asking a question and expecting a response.Ā 

  1. Make sure you read each question.
  2. Make a note of the question and break it down.
  3. What are they looking for?
  4. Have you answered the question?

Think of this as an exam, while there isn’t always a correct answer, people often do not answer the question at all, or over answer the question with multiple responses. Remember, give a clear answer and include examples if possible.


Why do you think you are suitable for this role?


Why do you think you are suitableĀ for thisĀ role?

What are the role requirements and job criteria?

Why are you suitable? – include examples to answer.

Before you submit.

While it is a great feeling to get an application complete, often we rush sections to be able to click the send button. Wait!

If your application deadline is a few days away, use that time to check it over, is all the information there?Ā 

  1. Do you answer the questions?Ā 
  2. Are your contact details correct?
  3. Check spelling and grammar.
  4. Then check the day after, answering the same questions.
  5. Have a third party check over the application.

Once you have done this, and are happy with the application, either download a copy if possible or copy the content to a document before sending. Often interviewers will ask questions from your application, so make sure you have your own copy for preparation.Ā 

Then click send.


  • Take your time when filling out applications forms.
  • Fill in every textbox to the best of your abilities.Ā 
  • Keep your answers clear, concise and to the point.Ā Ā 

Hopefully, these have helped and share your tips and advice with MyNeedToLive

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