6 Accounts to follow on Instagram to improve your mental Well-being

We all know that, whilst social media has many benefits, sometimes it’s not great for our mental health. Highly stylised imagery, photoshopped faces and bodies, designer bling and exotic locations – they’re not necessarily things that make us feel good as we run for the bus in the pouring rain and eat our third mince pie of the day.

It’s OK to follow certain accounts, as long as we’re enjoying them – I recently read some advice that said if you cover the caption and the image doesn’t make you feel good, it’s time to unfollow that account, and I totally agree. There’s no need to allow social media to negatively affect our mental health by absorbing imagery that makes us feel bad about ourselves, our lives, our achievements. We ned to remember that we’re in control – and sometimes we need a hearty dose of honesty, reality, tears and maybe a few stretch marks, to balance out the picture.

Here are some of my favourite accounts that always help to inspire, entertain and motivate me, and remind me that I’m not alone.     


The Happy News is a real newspaper, published quarterly, created by Emily Coxhead to share positive news and wonderful people. So of course, you can expect to find happiness and positivity in abundance at @thehappynewspaper. There are motivational quotes, inspirational real-life stories and random feel-good facts (did you know Norway once knighted a penguin?!), all illustrated in glorious rainbow technicolour.


Megan Jayne Crabbe is the inspirational lady behind @bodyposipanda – she talks about body positivity, feminism, how dogs are better than humans (!) and is the bestselling author of Body Positive Power. You can expect a joyful and purple-hued celebration of the female form, in all its beautiful natural glory, a positive look at mental health and honest, sassy reminders of the true worth of women – and guess what, it’s not our looks.   


I’ve followed @blessingmanifesting for a while – she’s a self-care blogger and mental health advocate who creates loads of amazing colourful and positive shareable content. She’s not about glossy insta motivational quotes or empty tips on how to ‘live your best life’: she’s really trying to make a difference. There’s humour, honesty and genuine insight from someone who clearly has the same struggles as her followers. You can download free printables and challenges, or purchase workbooks and planners, to help guide you on your own journey towards self-care and mental health.


You probably know by now that TV’s Fearne Cotton has spread her wings and transformed into somewhat of a lifestyle guru, releasing several healthy cookbooks as well as self-help books ‘Happy: Finding Joy in Every Day and Letting Go of Perfect’ and ‘Quiet: Silencing the Brain Chatter and Believing that You’re Good Enough.’ Inspired by her journey Fearne founded Happy Place, with the aim of cutting through the superficial, encouraging self-care and creating a positive and open space for all, where you’ll find anything from recipes to podcasts, activities to advice.


Fed up with the usual social accounts, My Anxious Life was founded by a frazzled wife, mother and one-time career girl aiming to normalise conversations around mental health. She talks with raw honesty and humour about the ups and downs of life, self-care, self-development and her journey to happiness.  If you’re looking for a feisty and witty dose of life that everyone can relate to, this is the account for you.   


OK, so this account is about as far away from reality as a unicorn. But sometimes you just need a bit of sparkle in your life! The official account for RuPaul Charles of Drag Race fame is everything you need to cheer you up – camp glamour, outrageous outfits, powerful messages of light, love, unity and acceptance, and life lessons from a Queen who’s been around the block…. Twice.  

So there you have it – my top tips for insta accounts to brighten your day and enrich your soul. Which are your favourites?

2 thoughts on “6 Accounts to follow on Instagram to improve your mental Well-being

  1. OMG! EXCELLENT POST! It is so important that we curate our feeds in a way that inspires and keeps our mental health balanced. I was already following a few of these people and I immediately followed the rest, thanks for this post

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