3 Reasons To Turn Your Phone Off And Get Retro


Gayleen Hodson

21 January 2020 0 comments

In today’s modern world, it is so easy to do everything from just one handheld device. As good as it is, I feel that we are slipping away from the past and from things that helped define our culture. Let me help you with some ways you can reconnect with the past, and help you put the phone down for an hour or two. Here are three ways to get retro and turn your phone off.

Breaking Away From The All-In-One

Take a look at your phone and see what apps are on it. You can listen to music and take photos, along with read the latest novels or write your very own. It is simply amazing to have all of that right in the palm of our hand, but the appreciation for it, is all gone.

To reconnect with times of the past, I have a thought of things that will help. The first is to listen to music on a vinyl player. They’re not expensive to purchase, you can find second hand ones on the internet or from a car boot sale. There is nothing better than searching through old records at your local music store and listening to them when you get home. All the crackle and pops add an atmosphere of the past which is priceless, it’ll be a real talking piece at your next party.

Forget Predictive Text, Try Traditional Typing

If you love to write or want to work in the field of literature, then why not purchase a type writer? Be like one of the great writers from the past and write your next novel on one of these quirky old school tools. The heavy feel of the keys as they hammer ink to paper is unbelievably satisfactory.

It’s Not All About Likes 

People can be obsessed with posting their photos on social media, showing the world what they’re up to. Doing this is fine, but when the photos come in thick and fast of things that are uninteresting or hold no real value to you, it can get annoying. Just taking a picture for the sake of taking a picture is unnecessary. Another problem is when people post a picture and the number of likes, or lack of, cause anxiety and uncertainty. It’s sad the effect it can have on a person, when in reality, there is nothing wrong with them. It is just the simple fact that people aren’t liking the picture, not you.

If you enjoy taking photographs, buy an old camera like a Polaroid or an old Fujifilm camera. Its more personal and you’ll think more about what you’re going to take a photo of when you’ve only got a limited amount of film in a cartridge. Put some privacy back into your photo’s and only show those you want to see them, not everybody. You could even learn how to develop your own photographs.

All in all there is nothing wrong with having everything all on one device, but going back to old methods is fun and you’ll gain more appreciation for the ‘good ol’ days’.

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